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ategory and a▓ 100-fold difference within the frozen potato product▓ category.Sauces and spreads, at 1,283 mg per 1▓00 g, and processed meats, at 846 mg per 100 g▓, were the categories with the highest a▓verage sodium content.LOS ANGELE 鈥揗ovie flops ar▓en't just about losing money. Yes, big budgets that go bust are one consideration. But flo▓ps are also about lofty expectations dashed and high prof▓iles brought

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g catcalls from the peanut gallery and a general who▓ever-thought-that-was-a-good-idea-in-the-first-place bewilderment.Any judgmen▓ts of flopitude are necessarily subjective, but here are 10 movies from the past decade that made t▓hose few moviegoers who saw them cringe. Disagree? Talk am▓ong yourselves.10. THE SPIRIT* Release date: D▓ecember 25, 2008* Estimated cost: $60 million* D

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omestic gross: $19.8 millionFran▓k Miller, the man who created the comics "300" and "Sin City," and who redefined Batman an▓d Dare

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devil for the modern age, directed this adaptation of Will Eisner's comic-strip hero. Starring Samuel L▓. Jackson and a bevy of bea

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uties, it may have ▓looked good on the page. But onscreen▓, the heavily stylized, nearly black-and-white result▓s were disastrous.

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the-top tones and aesthetics. Consequently, ▓the partners at the company behind the production, Odd Lot Entertainment, parted way

s after 2▓3 years together. It even killed plans for a Miller-directed version of "Buck Rogers."9. GRIND▓HOUSE* Release date: April 6, 2007* Estimated cost: $67 million* Domestic gross: $25 millionQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez mana▓ged to turn twice the filmmaking firepower into half the b

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rd of the critical praise)▓. With "Grindhouse," what began as an explicit exercise in joyous B-movie cinema homage -- a double bill of '70s-style schlock, one film from each director -- ended up aping its scuzzy genre ancestors a little too closely in the recei

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flavor interme▓diate between Han Group and Tibetan, are a must to try if you are visiting Lijiang.Actually, authe▓ntic Naxi cuisine consists of a number of tasty snacks th▓at can be easily found in the streets of Lijiang City. Jidou Liangfen (a kind of jelly made from chick pea) is one of the favorite snacks of locals, so don't forget to sample it while on y▓our trip.Premier Wen Jiabao made an inspe▓ction tour to northwestern Gansu Province on Sat

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ed a campaign to cut US sa lt intake by 2▓5 percent over the next five years.Similar
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